Designed for style

Originally designed as gift bags for our Maisonette 1977 show during New York Fashion Week


The TOUTE bag at New York Fashion Week

When Maisonette 1977 debuted at New York Fashion Week, we designed a gift tote bag for the show attendees.  It was designed to capture the playful spirit of the brand and, at the same time, designed to be so comfortable and practical that it would be used everyday.  The soft woven rope handle and the deep U-shaped armhole gave a distinctively fresh new look to the tote bag while providing ultimate comfort.

TOUTE by Maisonette 1977 launched by popular demand

As the unique tote bag started catching people’s eyes on the streets of New York, we were constantly asked where it could be purchased. In response, we elevated its design and quality and launched TOUTE by Maisonette 1977—our first accessories line. 

TOUTE bags with its cinch design, is roomy enough to be a gym bag, a grocery bag, or an all-purpose tote. At the same, it is stylish enough to be a woman’s second handbag.

To all of you, from all of us at TOUTE by Maisonette 1977 - Thank you and Happy Shopping!